So how exactly do you play Top Secret?

The story is told via emails sent directly to your real inbox over the course of 2 weeks. Each character in the game has a unique email address and sends you messages which you open and read just like any other email.

You interact with the game by replying to those messages.

Gmail inbox

Messages which you can reply to are signified by options at the bottom of the email. For example, if the player was sent the message:

Who shall we look into next?

* Glenn Greenwald
* Micah Lee

The reply options here are ‘Glenn Greenwald’ and ‘Micah Lee’. The player can phrase their response however they like, but must include one of the reply options. E.g.

Hmm, let’s look at Glenn Greenwald first.


Micah Lee looks more suspicious to me. Let’s focus on him for now.

The game parses your message to detect which response you have chosen and continues accordingly.

If the player includes 0, or more than 1, valid reply options, the character they messaged will email back asking for clarification.

Simple, right?

Will the game spam me with emails?


You will receive a small number of emails per day whilst playing the game. However, you can opt-in to more content by replying to emails. The more emails you reply to, the more emails you receive back.

To be clear, you WILL miss out on content if you don’t engage with the other characters in the game! However, the game will continue even if you don’t reply to most of the emails (although this will affect your relationships with colleagues and the plot).

But I live in a different timezone, will I get emails at odd times?


When starting the game you will specify your timezone, and all the messages are sent at the right times for you.

What about X?

If something isn’t clear, send me an email or tweet and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Thanks for reading.


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