Chapter 1 of a book

I felt nervous and excited as the door closed behind me. The CEO looked up expectantly.

‘I’ve decided to leave’ I said.

If he was surprised he hid it well.

‘I’m going indie.’ I added.

And that was that.

As we shook hands I experienced a momentary crisis - I’d worked so hard to get a job in the video games industry and now I was giving it all up. Had made a terrible decision? I pushed the troublesome thought to the back of my mind.

A few months later I was experiencing a real crisis. Being an indie dev was meant to be fun and liberating, so why did it feel like such a chore? My initial ideas had seemed so exciting, now they felt tired and derivative. What was the point in being independent if I didn’t believe in my own game?

What was I really passionate about?

I thought back to the previous June when articles started appearing in the Guardian. They talked about security, surveillance, privacy and secrets - issues and ideas which had resonated with me from the very start. I had read every article, followed every twist and turn. I knew this was important. But most of the media here in the UK ignored the issue. It seemed like nothing had changed. Friends said they weren’t worried because they had ‘nothing to hide’.

Sometimes it seemed like I was alone.

But I had my answer. I knew I had to make a game about the Snowden leaks.

I had to make TOP SECRET.

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