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I’m very excited to announce that Failbetter Games is going to incubate Top Secret! I’ll be working in their offices and getting support from them throughout development. In fact I’m writing this from their office right now.

Failbetter are a London-based games studio best known for the critically acclaimed Sunless Sea and Fallen London. As well as being genuinely nice people, they are experts in game writing and I can’t think of a better place to be developing Top Secret.

You can find out a bit more in their blog post about incubating Top Secret.

What does this mean for you?

- I’ll be getting constant feedback from experts in writing and community management to improve the game
- I won’t have to pay for office space so more money from the Kickstarter will go directly into the game

So what’s the catch? Amazingly there isn’t one. Failbetter are doing this because they want to help out new indie devs, and learn from us as we learn from them. Failbetter won’t own any of the IP, and don’t have any control over the development of Top Secret. Of course I’ll still be listening very closely to their advice and feedback because frankly, I’d be mad not to.

In short, this is good news all round for Top Secret!


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