You’d think, given the name, that the development of Top Secret would be a furtive, clandestine process. A black box where Kickstarter money is put in and a game pops out. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Top Secret will use an open development model. I want you to know what I’m doing, and how the project is progressing right up to release.

What does this mean in practice?



This is where we can discuss game ideas related to Top Secret, and talk directly with each other. An empty forum is no fun, so get involved and start posting!

Public Trello board

Public task board

If you want to know what I’m up to right now take a look at the Top Secret Trello board. This shows current/upcoming tasks and describes the current milestones.

Open source code

Github developer profile

If you’re a developer or just interested in the game tech, keep an eye on the open source repositories on GitHub. They’re new and empty at the moment, but I’ll start transitioning code across next week. Bug reports and code reviews are encouraged!

Milestone progress bars

If you look at the development blog, you’ll notice there are now progress bars. These give you a quick overview of the current milestones and how close to completion they are. Click on them to take you to the corresponding Trello task.

Dev blog

A mix of development updates as well as general musings on surveillance issues. Take a look here.

Email updates

Every two weeks on Friday you’ll receive a progress report describing what I’ve been up to and how the game is progressing.

Why am I doing all this?

Hopefully you find the blogs, forums, and code interesting, but I also think it will result in a better game. If you’re engaged in the process, you’re more likely to give me feedback, and cool ideas. Having the code open source means other developers can spot bugs and give me technical advice.

Finally, there’s a saying in the security industry: trust, but verify. You’ve already trusted me, now you can start to verify.


ps. Don’t forget to sign up to the forum. I’d love to hear your thoughts on open development.

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