I’ve recently added a new feature called SEARCHLIGHT to the game.

SEARCHLIGHT allows the player to find out more about SIGINT, infosec, TIDE, PGP, and TOR. And if that sounded like a load of gobbledygook to you then don’t worry, that’s exactly why I created SEARCHLIGHT in the first place!

In Top Secret, SEARCHLIGHT is the NSA’s in-house tool for jargon busting. You can think of it like a simple command line interface via email. Whenever the game uses an acronym or refers to subjects you aren’t familiar with, you can use it to find out more. For example, you can email SEARCHLIGHT queries such as:

DEFINE encryption



and it will send back descriptions of those topics.

You can also query for ongoing NSA operations and programs (real or from the game). E.g.




But be careful! Querying operations above your clearance level, or ones you shouldn’t know about may have repercussions…

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