I’ve just added support for email attachments in Top Secret. The earth shatteringly obvious feature was something I’ve long wanted to do but had never quite got round to. Many of the Snowden docs have been released in PDF format and now they’ll be working their way into the game. In fact, it was the release of some documents very recently that spurred me into action…

A few weeks ago, The Intercept released excerpts from the NSA’s internal staff magazine ‘SID Today’. Banal yet fascinating, these documents reveal both the human and organisational culture behind NSA. There’s stuff about recruitment and promotions, staff events, jokes and morale-boosting missives. In short, it’s fantastic at emphasizing that the people working there are just regular folk working in conditions not too far removed from your own. This is the ‘banality of evil’ in today’s world. Normal, nice people working hard for an organisation which breaches human rights worldwide. There’s no malice, no evil men in suits, just people doing their job.

Every day in Top Secret, you’ll receive a new edition of SID Today into your inbox, but if you want to take a look right now, you can read more about them directly here.

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